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Week of thanksgiving 11/ 24 - 11/28

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone we have had questions about what the schedule will be for this upcoming week. On Monday and Tuesday student will have there normal class schedules, On Wednesday the morning session will have there normal schedule and there will not be any classes for the afternoon session, and of course there will not be any classes on Thursday or Friday. If you’re still a little confused about the schedule please look at the table below.

Monday 8:25 - 12:37 12:27 - 4:40
Tuesday 8:25 - 12:35 12:25 - 4:45
Wednesday 8:25 - 12:20 No School
Thursday No School (Thanksgiving) No School (Thanksgiving)
Friday No School No School


Tutoring Times

We are happy to announce that we will start offering tutoring services, the graph below has the dates and time that a teachers will be on campus so they can give you a hand. 

Session Date Teacher Time
Credit Recovery Tue - Fri Rani Singh 8:30 - 9:10
Credit Recovery Tue - Fri Kim Bayanin 8:30 - 9:30
Alternative Mon - Fri John Morel 4:00 - 4:45


Bus Transportation

Desert Winds does not determine or construct the bus routes and schedules. The School District contracts bus services with the Bee Line Transportation. If you have any bus route or schedule questions, please call the Bee Line at (520) 316-3382.